Last night I was on the way to a store to pick up some items for my newest place in Brooklyn. October was a very, very intense month in terms of making sure I can continue to live down here and so the holiday was the last thing on my mind. Somewhere in there was a breathtaking evening with The Civil Wars at The Town Hall. They talked about playing at Rockwood Music Hall to a less-than-interested crowed the year prior; a kind of inspiring prospective from two incredible musicians. Anyways, off the the store.

Stepping outside with my roommate we found ourselves in a sea of children dressed as Tigger, Batman, and every princess in the book (my favorite costume was a parent dressed as a pig from Angry Birds). Carried by the excitement and surprise of all this we roamed through Park Slope. Somehow we ended up at The Rock Shop watching the British Columbian band Yukon Blonde dressed as The Villiage People – they were… what’s the right word… *fabulous.* It was a great night of music, people, and culture. Something I’d like to do more of as a few more shows get booked and living situations settle. — By the way, we never did make it to that store.