Sit back and take a moment… “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” ~ Seneca, Roman Stoic Philosopher It’s time to take it up a notch – Get new fans! (and a gift for you) The coming weeks are going to set a tone inspired by this favorite quote of mine. –I want YOU to be a part of it– So what’s next?Pure and organic growth – if you’re reading this, you are truly a treasure. People like you are those in the community that take little actions every day to make things happen. You add a dose of sunshine, water, and a little bit of love to the seeds that are in your community. How does that happen here?I need your input. You don’t even need to leave your computer screen. There will soon be a survey posted. You will get to tell me what you like, what you want, and where you see opportunity for the music to grow. As an example I’ve been campaigning to radio, music venues, tv, and film; that’s a pretty good start. Now, it is time to beat feet and get names on the fan mailing list. So, here is your FIRST chance to help: What should our fan list be called?Be creative, maybe it takes on the title of a song (i.e. Super Freaks/Rick James). Take a sneak peek at the program itself HERE and then send a message to Put your title in the subject line. Maybe you can come up with a sexier word than “recruit” too. “Well, when are you performing back in ____________?”This is a great question, and I need you and this list to answer it. Remember the program link above? CLICK HERE to look at it. I need to know I can write a few dozen people IN YOUR AREA and see them at a show, guaranteeing a venue that their needs will be met and that our show will rock! Name it something AWESOME… and here’s your gift. I will use the campaign to cultivate the most important part of this whole music business, awesome fans like you. As my thanks I will send a hot-off-the-press sticker featuring the new logo to anyone who sends in a suggestion with their mailing address attached! Thanks so much for your support – for now just write back with your title, then stay tuned in. It’s very exciting. Let’s rock, Christopher