It’s with such reflection that I listen to the songs from the Soulful Miles recording session.
The session itself came during finals week of a fall semester, in Potsdam that means it has been snowing and below zero for a week or two. By THEN I had been performing the songs on and off for about four months after many years hiatus from singing and the guitar. Pete and Stu signed out a block of studio time that gave us three or four hours to lay down the tunes with what little mental and physical energy we had left; and it all turned out pretty good.
Listening to the songs NOW is like uncovering a time capsule, all be it only a year later. There is a private and introverted nature to many of the songs; they were written in the confines of houses and a dorm room and weren’t intended for a broad audience.
Now, there is a set of tunes (with a few off from the session) that are pretty kicking and fulfill that need for GOOD and MEANINGFUL songs with a little toe tapping.