It’s hip to say it, so I’m going to drop the line — I’m working in the studio right now. Producer Stefan Held and I have been hard at work to get the sound right. Things are coming together and without reservation, which I tend to have a lot of, this EP sounds great. Working with Stephan brought my quality of work up a notch. Playing out gives me commercial tunnel vision sometimes; I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Getting in the studio opened my ears again to musicianship. An instrumental track, Falling Off the Roof, found its way back to being a more relaxed feel after a year of playing out. Listening back to the tracks is so insightful, especially when the studio mic is of such high quality. I might be torturing Stephan a bit with my nitpicking, but dare I say it’s fun? There have been several instances when I thought: “Thank goodness for that time I (fill in the blank).” Among them have been “had that summer job,” “made that expage when I was ten,” or “sang in high school.” These things that have grown my individuality and awareness all came together on this venture into a project like recording the EP. Experiences create an artistic plan of action. Great artists have a schema as unique as a fingerprint and individuality is meaningless if not for Art. They’re the ones to which we all go to navigate our own artistic map.