“Footprints, it’s a conversation in your head” When I was up in the North Country doing the NCPR segment I shared Footprints with host Todd Moe and audio engineer Joel Hurd. Having just turned warm in mid April I should have apologized for evoking winter imagery, but I hope we’re all warmed up by now. To fill you in even more, the conversation in this song is to someone lost or gone from your life. Reconnecting with a memory of them and almost making them seem there. There are also all of these physical things that have meaning, i.e. the Holy Grail, so how many other people have chased or used that thing as a centerpiece for a thought? No matter as it will someday wash away, realize that your thoughts are the most important things that cannot be destroyed or replicated or substituted — be content in that, be ok. You can see the segment and performance here.