Whether or not songwriters like to admit it, sometimes a great song can come out of the blue, free from the carefully crafted songs and works that we’ve labored and tweaked for months. “Why did I ever try so hard before” we are tempted to ask. I think this would be allowing a HUGE fallacy to become the reason to stop trying to be creative. Behind most songs are years of work. Countless hours of practicing, listening, writing, and studying that results in a coherent musical “sneeze.” Think jazz improvisation; one simply cannot walk on stage and make it sound good (let’s for a second ignore the great debate “what is Art?” and the fringes of free jazz – they’re fun, but not now). Think of music like speech. We learn by babbling, then it becomes simplified and often imperfect. Then we find our modes of speech, influenced by our culture, education, and individual character. Eventually we can improvise an idea in “the Art of Conversation.” “It came out in a sneeze” is the beautiful culmination of everything that is familiar to your creative voices. Embrace these moments and celebrate the beautify that is fluency in expression.