Acoustic singer/songwriter Christopher Battles is inspired by existential folk musicians of the Civil Rights Era, his jazz and classical studies, and the unplugged storytellers of the 90’s.  With a humanistic heart and incisive mind, Christopher writes titles like “Miles Upon Miles,” “The Road is Longer Yet,” “Clown Parade,” and “A Fighting Chance.”

Christopher is a veteran performer as a  classically trained musician and graduate of the Crane School of Music.  There he was a percussionist and jazz/latin drummer before transitioning into a singer/songwriter career.  Over the last decade he has held residencies at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory and the Path Café in New York City, released Miles Upon Miles EP at Rockwood Music Hall, created an audio postcard series for NPR affiliate North Country Public Radio, had airplay on SIRIUS XM RADIO’s The Village, hosted fundraisers, and played guerrilla showcases at the NERFA.

Miles Upon Miles

A song born out of irony; Christopher’s bicycling trip across Florida meant to “get away from it all” coincides with the Japanese tsunami and nuclear disaster. The headwinds he encountered on the ride provided an appropriate metaphor to which many can relate.


Oh My God

A snapshot of relief. The dramatic moment that puts your daily quarrels into prospective.



The beautiful impermanence of footprints in the snow and an homage to our personal journey and the monuments of human kind.
It is inspired by the famous duet of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.



“Have we forgotten to ask, and to the moon shout: How far can we fly?”